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    An Overview of Non-Owner SR-22 Insurance Coverage

    Car On Road
    The SR-22 insurance proves to the government that you have the minimum auto liability coverage that the state requires all drivers to have. The government will require you to carry SR-22 insurance coverage if you have broken some road rules. Surprisingly, you may also need to carry SR-22 insurance even if you don't own a car.

    The Background

    Consider a case where the government has revoked or suspended your license and you can't drive. In such a situation, you may decide to get rid of your car if you don't want to own a car you can't drive. However, the fact that you neither own a car nor a license doesn't mean you don't require auto insurance coverage.
    The government may still require you to carry auto insurance coverage if it suspects you will still drive even though you don't own a car. Not only that, but you may also need auto insurance coverage if you want to get your driving license back. In short, SR-22 insurance may either be a government requirement or a personal preference.

    The Benefits of Non-Owner SR-22

    Whether you want to buy SR-22 insurance or the government requires you to do so, you stand to enjoy several benefits with the coverage. Here are some of these benefits.
    Authority to Drive
    Everyone needs auto liability coverage if they plan to drive irrespective of whether they own a car or not. SR-22 insurance provides you with the liability coverage that allows you to legally drive. The government requires liability coverage to prevent drivers from becoming burdens to innocent road users or to the authorities.
    Liability Coverage
    The insurance also ensures that you can afford to pay for damages in case you cause an accident. Without SR-22 insurance, you would have to pay liability claims out of your pocket. You can easily go bankrupt if you are not wealthy and you have to pay for accident damages from your personal assets. SR-22 insurance helps you avoid all that.
    No Gap in Coverage
    SR-22 insurance doesn't just protect you from liability claims; the insurance also helps you avoid a gap in auto insurance coverage.  Auto insurance companies frown upon coverage gaps and may raise your rates the next time you buy coverage after a gap.

    The Criteria

    Despite the benefits of non-owner SR-22 insurance, not every driver can buy the coverage. You have to meet the following criteria in order to buy non-owner SR-22 insurance.
    No Vehicle Ownership
    By definition, you can only buy non-owner SR-22 if you don't own a vehicle anywhere. You cannot buy non-owner SR-22 insurance if you own a vehicle in another state, if you own a vehicle but park it permanently, or if you own a vehicle but have leased it to another person. In short, you cannot buy the coverage if your name is on a vehicle’s registration.
    No Regular Vehicle Access
    If you don't own a car but have regular access to a car, you may fail to get non-owner SR-22 insurance. Auto insurance companies sell non-owner SR-22 insurance with the knowledge that you will only use the coverage to drive occasionally.
    Say you don't own a car but a member of your household (for example, your spouse) does, then you can drive as regularly as a person with a car. In such a case, auto insurance carriers may refuse to sell you coverage.
    No Ignition Interlock Requirement                                                            
    Lastly, you may also fail to get non-owner SR-22 insurance if the state requires you to have an ignition interlock device on your car. An ignition interlock device ensures the car's engine doesn't start if you have alcohol in your breath. As such, courts typically require people convicted of a DUI to install the devices in their cars to prevent future DUIs.
    As you can see, non-owner SR-22 insurance is a useful but complicated form of auto insurance coverage. At Rowell Insurance Agency, however, we have the skills, experience, and network to help you buy SR-22 insurance at a reasonable rate. Contact us today for a quote on any type of auto insurance coverage you need.