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    Protect Your Home With Hurricane Coverage

    Do you have homeowners' insurance? A standard homeowners' insurance policy is a great step towards safeguarding your home and family. However, as a homeowner in a coastal community, your efforts may not go far enough.

    Charleston homeowners need to think seriously about hurricane insurance. If you don't have hurricane insurance for your home and you don't think insurance is important, learn some of the factors that say otherwise. 

    Potential for Widespread Damage

    Hurricanes are coastal storms, but they can cause damage to more than just the coastline. Even if your home doesn’t sit on the beach or on the shores of an inlet, your home could still be vulnerable to damage. In terms of flooding, storm surge and heavy rain can lead to dangerously high waters affecting communities several miles from the coastline.

    Charleston already sits below sea level, so storm surge produced from a hurricane is a severe threat. Hurricane winds know no boundaries either. If your home is within the area of a hurricane watch or warning, you are at risk for damage. Don't falsely assume that you're safe. 

    Hurricane-Related Exclusions

    While there are standard practices and guidelines for homeowners' insurance policies, the coverage and policy guidelines are not necessarily consistent. Some homeowners' insurance policies include hurricane-related exclusions. In short, the exclusions don't extend coverage for damages that are the result of the storm.

    For example, a policy with hurricane-related exclusions might cover roof damage in the event of high winds. However, if the roof damage is the result of heavy winds from a hurricane, the damage may not be covered under the policy. Homeowners should first review their policy. You may discover that you're already covered for hurricane damage.   

    No-Buy Periods

    Charleston may not see as many storms as people in Florida or Texas, but the area is no stranger to these powerful weather events. People often assume they don't have anything to worry about until the meteorologist alerts everyone that the storm will arrive in mere days.

    In addition to buying plenty of water, canned goods and making preparations around the house, some people will also attempt to purchase last-minute hurricane coverage. In South Carolina, hurricane protection policies like windstorm insurance have a 15-day waiting period.

    So, while you can buy the policy at any time, any damage within the 15-day period won't be covered. Additionally, once the storm has been named, it may be impossible to make policy coverage changes. 

    Floods Aren't the Same

    All homeowners should understand that all floods are not the same. While the damage might be the same, the source of the water is significant when it comes to insurance coverage. A burst pipe, leaking water valve, or backed up toilet are all flood scenarios that are commonly covered with a typical plan.

    However, floods in which water enters your home from the ground, such as storm surge, require additional protection in the form of standalone flood insurance. Repair costs for a home with 1-4 inches of water is nearly $8,000, but in a house with more than 18-inches of water, the value is more than $26,000.

    If you don't have the right protection, you would be left to pay the high cost to restore your home out of pocket. Flood insurance can save you the headaches and costs.

    Your home is more than an investment. It's the place you'll share memories with your spouse and raise your children. Ensure your home is protected, no matter what. At Rowell Insurance Agency, we offer a variety of insurance options to protect your home, family, and car. Let us help keep your family protected.