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    Reduce the Cost of Your SR-22 Insurance Coverage

    If a severe traffic offense means you have to buy SR-22 insurance, you should be careful about how you buy the insurance. This is because SR-22 insurance typically increases the cost of coverage, but the extent of the increase depends on your actions. Here are a few measures to take to acquire SR-22 insurance at a reasonable cost.
    Defend Your Violation Properly
    Your precautions should start the minute you are accused of committing a traffic offense. This is because the severity of your conviction is one of the factors that determine the cost of your SR-22 insurance coverage. Therefore, do your best to minimize your charges and conviction if you can't win the case.
    For example, if you have been accused of aggravated DUI (driving under the influence), mount a strong defense, preferably with the help of a lawyer. That way, even if you lose the case, you have a chance of downgrading your charges to ordinary DUI. This is advantageous for you since aggravated DUI will cost more, in terms of SR-22 insurance, than ordinary DUI.
    Clean Up Your Record
    Your driving history is one of the factors that determine the cost of your SR-22 insurance. Therefore, if your driving history is littered with multiple traffic offenses, clean it up to enjoy reasonable SR-22 insurance costs.
    Cleaning up your driving history involves different things, such as expunging eligible records from your criminal history or getting rid of erroneous records. For example, many states allow you to expunge DUI convictions you received as a teenager.
    Buy From the Right Company
    Not all auto insurance companies are created equal. Insurance companies differ on how much weight they give to different traffic offenses. The more weight a company puts on an offense, the higher it will charge for the SR-22 insurance. Therefore, find a company that doesn't put too much weight on your traffic offense.
    For example, one company may consider driving without insurance coverage a more severe offense than causing an auto accident, while another company regards the two offenses in the reverse. Therefore, if you have been accused of driving without coverage, you are better off buying your SR-22 insurance from the second insurance carrier.
    Drive the Right Car
    One way to trim your coverage and enjoy low auto insurance costs is to drive a cheap or used car that doesn't require comprehensive auto insurance. That way, you only have to pay for the legally mandated auto liability coverage and you can enjoy lower coverage rates.
    Some people even find it beneficial to sell their expensive cars and buy a cheap and used model for the duration of SR-22 insurance. In fact, you can even sell your car and buy non-owner car insurance coverage as long as it meets the SR-22 insurance requirements; this option can be pretty cheap.
    Don't Let Your Policy Elapse
    Another way to lower the costs associated with your SR-22 insurance is to minimize the number of times you have to file for it. This will help because even though the filing fee may not be much, you have to pay it every time your policy elapses and you have to buy coverage. Therefore, don't let your policy elapse for the duration of your SR-22 insurance, and you will only pay the filing fee once.
    Hopefully, the above measures will help you buy SR-22 insurance and maintain it at a reasonable rate. As you can see, it can be a bit difficult to think of everything you need to do to lower your SR-22 insurance costs. Luckily, you can outsource at least one of the steps to Rowell Insurance Agency. We can help give you multiple quotes from different insurance carriers so that you can choose one with the best rates for your situation.