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    SR-22 Insurance: Things You Should Know If You Need It

    SR-22 Insurance
    Driving is a privilege for adults living in the U.S., and you can lose this privilege if you commit certain types of driving crimes. Because of this, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) often requires SR22 insurance for high-risk drivers. If you are told you need SR22 insurance, you cannot ignore this request.

    ​What Exactly is SR22 Insurance?

    While it might seem confusing, SR22 is not even really insurance. Instead, it is actually a form that simply shows proof of insurance. When you need SR22, you must purchase a special type of car insurance from an insurance agency. After you pay for the premiums, the insurance agency will give you the SR22 form.
    You have the responsibility of bringing this form to the DMV, and you must do this by a certain date if you still have driving privileges. If you do not currently have a valid driver's license, you will still need to bring the form to the DMV if you need this for getting your license back.
    The form itself states that you have car insurance coverage that meets the minimum requirement in your state. The insurance agency that offered the policy takes on the responsibility to notify the DMV if you fail to pay your next premium on the policy.

    What Happens If You Fail to Get SR22 Insurance When You Need It?

    When a person needs SR22 coverage, this person risks losing his or her driving privileges if he or she fails to obtain the policy. If you receive a letter from the DMV that states you need this, you must purchase the policy and bring in the proof before the date stated in the letter. If you fail to do this, the DMV will revoke your driving privileges.
    If you currently do not have a license and need SR22 to get your license back, you will never get your license back if you do not purchase the SR22 policy and bring in the proof to the DMV. SR22 insurance is vital if you need it, and failing to get it will result in a loss of driving privileges.

    What Important Things Should You Know About SR22?

    There are several key things you should know about SR22 insurance if you need it. First of all, you should find out how long you will need it. Most people need to keep SR22 coverage for three years, but this varies.
    Secondly, you should know that you cannot allow the policy to lapse without suffering negative consequences. In most cases, a person that needs SR22 insurance must keep the policy for the entire time span without any interruptions. This means that if you need SR22 coverage for three years, you cannot allow any lapses in your coverage for three years.
    If your policy lapses at any point, you must begin the time frame from the start, even if you are almost near the end of the timing requirement.
    The other crucial point to know is that the DMV will know if you lose your coverage of SR22. The insurance agency that provides the policy will notify the DMV if you do not pay your policy and the policy lapses. Therefore, you should not try to fool the DMV, because they will know if you lose your coverage.

    How Can You Purchase SR22?

    While you cannot purchase SR22 coverage through all insurance agencies, you can get it through Rowell Insurance Agency. In fact, we offer insurance products for all types of drivers with all kinds of records. Call us today to learn more about getting the SR22 certification you need to keep your driver's license.