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    What Young Drivers Need To Know Before Their First Car Accident

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    When car crashes happen, teen drivers are often involved. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that car accidents are a primary cause of death for teens in the United States. Despite this stark statistic, many fender benders and non-fatal crashes happen among teenagers, too. Making sure that teens are insured and well-informed can empower them in multiple ways.

    Parents of new drivers know that it's important to emphasize the importance of staying safe on the road. It's also crucial to teach them how to respond in the event of an accident. Be sure your teens are prepared for reacting wisely if they are ever involved in a car crash.

    Give Your Teenagers Clear Instructions on Who to Call First

    Teenagers may be shocked when they get in a car accident. Don't assume they have been paying attention to how you've responded in the event of an accident. Talk to your teens about the importance of calling 911 first if it's needed. Next, let them know how you want them to reach you and others.

    Discuss contacting your insurance company. Talk about what they should and shouldn't say to the other party. You may give them numbers for local tow companies that you trust. Go over the information multiple times until you feel your teens have it down and will be able to make the necessary calls after a collision.

    Discuss Moving to a Safe Area After an Accident

    Sadly, sometimes young drivers survive a car accident relatively unharmed, then are killed by cars who speed by an accident and don't have time to react. Emphasize the importance of going to a safe place in the immediate aftermath of a car crash.

    When teens haven't been badly harmed in the accident, they should move their car and themselves out of the road. Teens may move their automobile to the shoulder of the road or even an open parking lot if the crash happens near a shopping center.

    Talk to them about turning on their emergency lights if they cannot exit their vehicle or move it to a safe place. They may also use flares, warning triangles, and cones as additional safety measures after a car crash. You may want to have them practice using them in your driveway, so you know they can handle them under more stressful circumstances.

    Let Your Teens Know That Social Media is Off-Limits

    Teenagers should learn not to post photos or other information about car crashes on social media after an accident. Not only can posts be misinterpreted, but posting on social media after a car crash can have an impact on personal injury claims. In fact, some lawyers even advise people who have been in a car accident to delete their social media.

    You don't need to be that extreme. Nevertheless, social media posts may be used against you or your teen. On top of that, a social media post that places all the blame on someone else can be offensive to the other party who may also be injured in the accident. Talk to your teens about all the reasons why they should not make a single social media post about the car crash.

    Talk to Teens About the Power of Prevention

    The best way to handle a car accident is to avoid it altogether. Sure, teenagers cannot prevent all car crashes. However, since young, inexperienced drivers often cause crashes, teaching kids ways to prevent car crashes can increase the odds that they'll stay safe on the road. You may want to insist that teens take safe driving courses prior to allowing them to drive on their own.

    Finally, distracted driving is a leading cause of crashes for young drivers, so create rules for teen drivers. Make sure teens know that texting and driving is strictly forbidden. Set rules and have frequent discussion about preventing car crashes. For information on insuring your teen driver, contact the caring team at Rowell Insurance Agency. We offer affordable auto insurance for all ages.