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    Home Insurance Services in Charleston, South Carolina

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    Secure Your Sanctuary

    Home is the place where you feel safest. It is where you relax after work and raise your family. Whether you enjoy the freedom of a mobile home or the security of an old family house, we will help you get the best protection for your residence.
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    Quality Policies for Homeowners

    Homeowners insurance is far more comprehensive than the title implies. It covers not only your house but other structures on your property and even your personal belongings. Any item that is insured by this plan, whether or not it’s in your house, is still protected.
    Our extensive policies cover a wide variety of damage ranging from most natural disasters to vandalism. Whether your home has been damaged in a fire or your tablet has been stolen from your car, homeowners insurance will help you repair and replace your property.
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    Condo Owners Insurance

    Insurance for a condo differs from a standard home policy. Rather than getting an entire property insured, you only need coverage for a single unit. While you might be contributing to the insurance of common areas in your monthly rent, this policy does not include your personal property. Get peace of mind knowing that your furniture, electronics and treasured items are insured.
    Tenant Insurance

    Tenant Insurance

    Are you a landlord renting a home to tenants? With our tenant insurance policies, you can protect your property. Common things that are covered include the house structure, other structures on the site and any on-site equipment used to upkeep the premises. Our plans allow you to rest assured that your rental unit is safe while being occupied by someone else.
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    Affordable Renters Policies

    Your landlord is responsible for insuring the building where you rent, but they are not required to cover the damage or theft of your personal items. If you totaled the value of your belongings, it would likely reach into the thousands of dollars. Renters insurance guarantees that your valuables will be covered whether they’re on your kitchen counter or in your pocket while you travel.
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    Mobile Home Coverage

    A mobile home policy is no less important than standard homeowners insurance. Basic coverage may include insuring you for property damage, theft or loss of personal belongings and accidental injury of visitors in your home. Feel safe knowing that you have a policy that is tailored specifically for your residence.
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    Insuring for Flood Damage

    You don’t have to live in a rainy climate to need flood insurance. Whether an above-ground swimming pool collapses or a water main breaks in your home, you need a policy that will cover any potential damages. Invest in a plan that will provide you with secure financial aid for years to come.

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